Good Postcard Club

liven up your letterbox

A good postcard

Postcard club is for people who like to send and receive postcards.

New memberships have closed down for the time being, in order to give existing members more time to send more postcards to one another.

Yes but why?

When was the last time you got some properly nice post? (Christmas cards don't count, everybody gets those.) I mean a surprise letter or card from a friend or a loved one. Can you even remember when the last bit of good post came through your letterbox?

Good Postcard Club is for you if you're fed up with takeaway flyers and bank statements and bills and boring stuff like that. If you give good post, you'll get good post in return. That's the idea, anyway.

Good Postcard Club isn't the same as finding a pen-friend, because no-one is expected to make any sort of long-term commitment to writing to someone else. It's just a bit of fun for you and your letterbox. Note: it's a slow process.

Good Postcard Club was inspired by Twitter by Post and Dawdlr. It was created by Giles Turnbull. If you have any questions you'd like to ask before joining, please direct them by post to the address above.

Note: the activity of the club is deliberately slow-paced. Remember that the sending of post is a leisurely business. It may be weeks between you sending a card and getting a reply. There is no rush to respond to cards you receive, and nor should there be. Take your time, and expect others to take theirs.

(Last update: 12th May 2015)